Pipeliner CRM (USA)

Pipeliner has revolutionized CRM with our unique visual interface, no-code workflow automation engine, and instant, dynamic insights and reporting. There is no other CRM that provides both salespeople and sales management with so many ways of displaying and analyzing sales data while also delivering intelligent, system-generated insights. Plus, thanks to our automation engine and ease of integration with other systems (such as email, ERP, Marketing), Pipeliner eliminates many of the manual and routine tasks that other systems force on both salespeople and sales managers. The Pipeliner CRM experience is so different from traditional CRM which is why we drive the highest adoption rates, lower Total Cost of Ownership, and rapid Return-on-Investment. Plus with fast onboarding and how easy it is to learn, to use and/or administer the system, there is little to no business interruption when deploying.