Our commitment to our investments is not solely reflected in our financial contribution – we offer the expertise of our team and the promise of a long-term vision – to drive our collective success.

The type and extent of support for the portfolio companies is determined by a variety of criteria, always acting according to the central motto: As little as possible, as much as necessary.

In principle, companies and their management should go their own way and pursue their visions and goals in a self-determined manner. Depending on the business model, financing needs, technology development or life cycle of the company, support from Breeze Invest’s expertise may be useful and requested. We see ourselves as an entrepreneurial and partnership-based investor with a long-term strategy. This investment philosophy is also reflected in the varying intensity of our cooperation with the portfolio companies. The spectrum ranges from a rather passive role in the form of supervisory or advisory board mandates, support in financing issues, door-opening for special clients all the way up to active participation in management and even the assumption of C-level responsibilities (in the interim) . The scope and duration are closely coordinated with the management and shareholders of the respective portfolio company.



Neigbouring countries


Rest of world for investment ad-ons

Early Stage

Enable market entry

Time to market < 1 year

Existing prototype or advanced beta version

Minority investment

Tickets 0,2 – 1 MEUR


Accelerating sales


Market expansion

First revenues required

Minority investments

Tickets 0,5 – 1,5 MEUR



Unsettled succession

Niche players & hidden champions

Positive EBIT-margin

Majority investments

Tickets 3-5 MEUR

We invest sector agnostic but only in clear & simple business models with a clear vision and development plan.

Vision without execution is just hallucination.

Henry Ford